June 16th
9:21 PM

10 acts you shouldn’t miss at Best Kept Secret


The Netherlands are known for having a handful of enjoyeable festivals, and all of those are characterised by very fine lineups year over year. Last year, Best Kept Secret Festival saw the day, featuring an impressive line-up. Besides that, we were told that the festival had some of the best food on earth and a beautiful location as well, and that’s why we immediately bought our three day pass for this year’s edition back in December of 2013. 

Now, as the full line-up is revealed, we firstly wanted to guide you through the entire festival, but thanks to the exams and the lack of time we’re currently coping with, we decided to pick 10 acts (and a bunch of other names) you shouldn’t miss at Best Kept Secret Festival, in case you’re planning on going. If you aren’t, you can still buy tickets over here or get excited in our place. We hope to see you in The Netherlands on June 20, 21 and/or 22! Check out our picks after the jump. — Johan Baeten

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May 29th
3:44 PM

The Wild Curve: “Warriors”

I can’t help myself, but sometimes I need some catchy electro/funk music full of sunbeams, beach sand and anthem choirs in the background. Those are the moments in which I crave songs like "Warriors" by Scotland-based electro-pop duo The Wild Curve.

As cliché and Capital-Cities-esque as it gets, this tracks invades your earworm-cortex with humming melodies, muted guitar backings and a lot of LF filters resulting in an well-known feeling: the mass-media-influenced anticipation of “Oh come on, let the next chorus in!”. Three minutes of fun, two years of trying to get it out of your head. – Lukas Hermann 

May 22nd
4:29 AM

Violet Skies: “Power” & “Dragons”

Hailing from a small village near South Wales, singer/songwriter Violet Skies has just released “Power” feat. Ben Freeze, and the two are a powerful combination indeed.  This Kanye West re-work is incredibly captivating and showcases Violet’s control over her dreamy and smooth vocals, as well as a compelling backing choir only enhanced by Ben Freeze's production and mixing. Like us, if you find yourself wanting more from Violet Skies, she has a debut EP entitled Dragons, available on the 22nd of June. Until this date, you can listen to her truly stunning title track below as well. Or if you are in London June 9th, you can catch her alluring live show based upon the five senses (click here for tickets). — Athylia Paremski

May 6th
5:49 PM

Fyfe: “For You”


London singer/songwriter Paul Dixon, also known as Fyfe, and his crooning smooth vocals are sure to captivate you from the get-go in this new single, “For You.” His distinctive stylistic sounds alongside ornate jazzy-electronic beats, melodic piano, and soulful saxophone, generate an incredibly moving and expressive composition that ended far too soon. If you like this, check out his other lovely tunes here— Athylia Paremski

May 1st
3:38 PM

Mixtape: April 2014

photo taken by Sandra Croft

Although we only gave you ten posts last month, we wouldn’t want to leave you without our selection of remarkable songs which dropped in April 2014. Download the April mixtape below, or stream it via the Soundcloud set. Tracklist and Soundcloud set after the jump. — Johan Baeten

Analogue Spheres Mixtape: April 2014

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April 28th
7:45 PM

Bedroom: “We All Need Something”

imageNoah Kittinger alias Bedroom probably has been our dearest protégé since the first days of AS, as Noah even helped us with starting up this blog back in 2012. Of course, he’s better known as the one who’s brought us tons of great music since that year, like his debut LP, which we had on heavy rotation back in the summer of 2012. Now we’re stoked about the release of his upcoming sophomore album, which is titled Grow and is out on May 20th via Furious Hooves.

On “We All Need Something”, Bedroom’s sound seems to have distinguished a lot: the way the acoustic guitars open up and continue in the song is more well-balanced and sounds brighter. It also sounds like Noah took a lot more time finishing and precizing his songs. The hazy electric guitars kind of reminisce us of a typical summery feeling, as well as the synthesizers and Jade Lawhon’s backing vocals, which all lift up a brilliant feel. Stream the first cut taken from Grow below, or watch the accompanying video for the song over here. Tracklist below. — Johan Baeten

1. Being Hunted
2. Grow
3. Nothing Lasts
4. Move Forward
5. We All Need Something (feat. Jade Lahwon)
6. Hurry, Get up
7. Drift Away (feat. Jade Lawhon)
8. Hide
9. End.  

April 27th
9:54 PM

Stumbleine Feat. Violet Skies: “We’re Shadows”


Featuring soulful vocals floating over a driving electronic force accompanied by shoegaze guitar, Stumbleine and Violet Skies' "We’re Shadows" is one of our favorites off of their new collaborative full-length. Just released on Monotreme Records, Dissolver is a beautiful mix of the UK producer Stumbleine and his beats/instrumentation coupled with Welsh singer Violet Skies’ R&B vocals and pop sound. The result is a dreamy combination of artistry and gorgeous melodies that fits almost any mood. — Athylia Paremski

April 23rd
9:53 PM

Kloke: “Deep City”


Just two days ago, recent Red Bull Music Academy graduate Kloke from Melbourne put out his debut EP “Sea Levels” on the quite young Brooklyn-based label Styles Upon Styles

Its opening track "Deep City" is a lucious, multi-layered take on the British side of deep house. Featuring crackling vinyl samples, flanged melodies and atmo pads en masse, the six-minute track is an aquatic voyage into the deep sea. 

If you want more Kloke sounds, you can listen to the entire EP over here and order a vinyl pressing of it on the SUS website. — Lukas Hermann