August 15th
8:46 AM

Lily Oakes: “Dare To”


Lily Oakes' captivating sound is something you can feel within the first seconds of her latest track “Dare To." This London based singer/songwriter incorporates a blend of various elements that emphasize her naturally expressive and soulful voice.

A fascinating aspect of her writing is the fact that Oakes’ lyrics are often composed just minutes before recording. This raw method of craft digs deeply at the root of truly feeling the accompaniment and using musical instincts to drive thoughts. You can listen to another of Oakes’ tracks here. — Athylia Paremski

August 11th
6:29 PM

10 acts you shouldn’t miss at Pukkelpop


Pukkelpop is one of those festivals that has got a lot to offer to each kind of music aficionado. As this blog was founded in Belgium and Pukkelpop definitely is Belgium’s finest festival, we’d very much like to share ten acts you have to go and see at this year’s edition of Pukkelpop. Of course there are a lot more than ten bands you shouldn’t miss at Pukkelpop, but we simply chose to pick ten out of the many we’re excited about. We hope to see you in Kiewit on August 14, 15 and/or 16! Check out our picks after the jump and take a look at the set times over here — Johan Baeten

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August 5th
6:44 PM


London based producer SOPHIE has been around for quite a while now but really get us going with the b-side to his new single Lemonade / High, which is out now on Numbers. “Hard" effortlessly ties together all of the smooth synths sections into one tremendous and deep track. The result is one incredibly bouncing and deliciously sounding vibe. — Johan Baeten

August 3rd
11:52 PM

Oscar: “Kitchen Song”


You might have already heard one of Oscar's previous pop songs on this very page, but we're sure you've never heard him singing about his kitchen before. That's why we wouldn't want you to miss “Kitchen Song”, the London based artist’s new pop tune.

Kitchen Song" starts with some low, King Krule-esque notes, before Oscar switches over to his typical sharp, clean-cut chords accompanied by lo-fi vocals and a brisk keyboard in the back. Overall Oscar convinces us once more and we’re absolutely looking forward to a proper release by this young man from England. — Johan Baeten

11:39 PM

HOMESHAKE: “Cash Is Money”


One of Mac DeMarco’s bandmates goes by the name of Peter Sagar and he’s got a solo project as well, called HOMESHAKE. A little while ago, he released a single taken from his upcoming LP In the Shower, which is out on September 26th through Sinderlyn.

The single is titled “Cash Is Money”. It’s a wonderfully laid-back track featuring an infectious chorus, some jazzy bass notes, bright guitar lines and most of all Peter’s vocals, which fit brilliantly well with the entire feel of “Cash Is Money”. Chill. — Johan Baeten

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August 1st
3:17 PM

Ikonika: “Praxis”

London based producer Ikonika has shared a new song a couple of days ago, titled “Praxis”, lifted from her forthcoming EP Position, out August 25th on the never disappointing label Hyperdub. “Praxis" kicks off with gloomy beats and continues in the same hazy atmosphere for the rest of the track, which is shaped up nicely with various melodic synths lines, accompanied by tremendous percussion and dusky keys in the background. All of it sounds very introspective and makes us long for the Position EP. — Johan Baeten

June 16th
9:21 PM

10 acts you shouldn’t miss at Best Kept Secret


The Netherlands are known for having a handful of enjoyeable festivals, and all of those are characterised by very fine lineups year over year. Last year, Best Kept Secret Festival saw the day, featuring an impressive line-up. Besides that, we were told that the festival had some of the best food on earth and a beautiful location as well, and that’s why we immediately bought our three day pass for this year’s edition back in December of 2013. 

Now, as the full line-up is revealed, we firstly wanted to guide you through the entire festival, but thanks to the exams and the lack of time we’re currently coping with, we decided to pick 10 acts (and a bunch of other names) you shouldn’t miss at Best Kept Secret Festival, in case you’re planning on going. If you aren’t, you can still buy tickets over here or get excited in our place. We hope to see you in The Netherlands on June 20, 21 and/or 22! Check out our picks after the jump. — Johan Baeten

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May 29th
3:44 PM

The Wild Curve: “Warriors”


I can’t help myself, but sometimes I need some catchy electro/funk music full of sunbeams, beach sand and anthem choirs in the background. Those are the moments in which I crave songs like "Warriors" by Scotland-based electro-pop duo The Wild Curve.

As cliché and Capital-Cities-esque as it gets, this tracks invades your earworm-cortex with humming melodies, muted guitar backings and a lot of LF filters resulting in an well-known feeling: the mass-media-influenced anticipation of “Oh come on, let the next chorus in!”. Three minutes of fun, two years of trying to get it out of your head. — Lukas Hermann