March 29th
2:28 PM

Mixtape: March 2014


photo taken by Sandra Croft  

You know the drill. Download the March mixtape below, or stream it via the Soundcloud set. Tracklist and Soundcloud set after the jump. — Johan Baeten

Analogue Spheres Mixtape: March 2014

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March 28th
11:32 PM

Oscar: “Open Up”


London based artist Oscar crafts fresh and breezy guitar pop, straight from his bedroom. His most recent love song “Open Up" kicks off with the words I don’t want to tell the truth / I don’t want to lose you, something that immediately sounds very recognizable to all of us. His melodies are utterly convincing after one single play, just like Oscar’s deep and well-balanced voice. Overall, “Open Up" is a lovely lo-fi pop song full of sun-drenched harmonies and crisp synths, and is definitely worth your time now that spring is in the air.

This summer, Oscar is going to release his first EP, out on newly installed label Brown Rice. We’ll certainly keep you up-to-date on his EP. — Johan Baeten

6:38 PM

Philly based Olive Drab dropped their debut album, The Big Sleep, just this past Tuesday on Birdtapes. Along with the new album comes a music video for the record’s closing track, "Lightning".

There isn’t really much to say about the video considering it’s simple execution but oddly enough it manages to capture the essence of the track pretty well. The hazy visuals match the distorted and slow guitar strums found on "Lightning" and compliment the vocal harmonies as well. Just hit play and zone out.

You can grab The Big Sleep on cassette over at Birdtapes or download it through Olive Drab’s bandcamp right here. — Rafael G.

March 26th
2:04 PM

Beach Heart: “Hold On, Let Go”


Louisville-based musician Beach Heart put out a stunning effort with his “The End EP” on Bandcamp last week. While all songs do have something special, the EP’s first track "Hold On, Let Go" caught us the most. 

Imagine a mixture of lo-fi production, Owl-City-esque vocals and shimmering melodies, combined with a small but solid dose of shoegaze – that’s what this track is like. It’s chilling and somehow disturbing at the same time. It’s a worthwhile ride. — Lukas Hermann

March 25th
9:52 PM

Colleagues: “Tears”

We vaguely remember writing about Stockholm’s Colleagues back in November 2012, when the five-piece dropped their first single “Parents’ House”. After not hearing too much from their side last year, Colleagues now return with “Tears”, an absolute synth pop standout, which sometimes recalls us of the likes of San Francisco outfit Lemonade. On “Tears, vivid vocals match brilliantly well with dynamic synthesizers, while sparkling beats capture a summer vibe we’re all so much looking forward to.

Colleagues’ debut single Tears / Parents’ House is out on April 14th via London’s brand new label In Stereo Records. — Johan Baeten

March 19th
8:08 PM

Austrian electronic duo Wælder recently started offering their EP Firn on Bandcamp. Available not just as a download, but also pressed on high-quality 10” vinyl, the four songs on Firn are a great mixture of intense vocals, lush, but at the same time destructive beats, and pure synthesizer sounds.

Visual artist Giana Virginia shot the minimalist, disturbing video for the EP’s eponymous single "Firn". Visually exploring the intense expression of emotions and sufferings by the human skin, the three-minute trip is a very unique, worthwhile visual experience and a captivating reason to support the artists by buying a copy of their EP. — Lukas Hermann

2:02 PM

It’s been a while since we last heard wavering drums and trashing guitars on this very site - but today we’re back with noise thanks to the London via Brighton duo playlounge. On “waves and waves and waves”, the second revealed track lifted from the band’s upcoming debut album pilot, playlounge divides the song in two different stellar atmospheres and feelings. There’s the strong part in which loud vocals and breathless drums and guitars alternate, while other parts in the song suggest a quieter sphere, in which the vocals become intimate and soft with echoing guitars in the background.

You can watch the wobbly visuals for “waves and waves and waves" above. pilot is out on April 14th via Dog Knights Productions. — Johan Baeten

March 17th
11:26 PM

In the midst of these busy weeks at school and work, we definitely didn’t want you to miss Yohuna's first ever music video. The visuals kick off with Yohuna putting on dark purple lipstick before heading into town (convinced yet?), something that creates some kind of spooky atmosphere. The song, “Creep Date”, is a dark and experimental trip in which gloomy synth tones and distorted guitars match surprisingly well. 

Creep Date" is taken from Crash Symbols' Clubhouse Split, out now. — Johan Baeten