April 18th
9:03 PM

White Reaper: “Half Bad”


Louisville based White Reaper have dropped the first single from their debut EP and it’s one of the most fun sounding tracks I’ve heard all year.

"Half Bad" is a completely fuzzed out jam with energetic performances all around. There’s urgency and even some ferocity but most importantly this sounds like a band really loving what they’re doing. There’s so much character on display here that it becomes infectious. Honestly, the keyboard lead on this track alone is enough reason to love it.

White Reaper’s self titled EP drops June 24th on Polyvinyl Records. Preorder it right here. — Rafael G.

April 17th
2:12 AM

Lockah: “Cleft n Twain”


Aberdeen’s Tom Banks, who creates music under the name Lockah, released his debut LP Yahoo Or The Highway on Monday. We’ve actually just found out about his existence and are pretty stoked about one particular track on the album titled “Cleft n Twain”. The song is built around some main samples, which echo throughout the entire three minutes without ever getting too repetitive. Lockah’s sharp percussion and warm synthesizers make the song one coherent whole. Stream the track below and don’t forget to take a listen to the rest of the full-length. Yahoo Or The Highway is out now on Donky Pitch. — Johan Baeten

April 11th
1:45 PM

Fear Of Men: “Descent”

imageBrighton’s three-piece Fear Of Men have been teasing us with tracks taken from their upcoming debut LP for quite a while now, and today we can add another song to that list. The second single lifted from Loom is called “Descent”, and it features a specifically dynamic sound, thanks to vocalist Jessica Weiss’ sweet sounding voice, combined with flashing and clean-cut guitars. Overall, “Descent" is yet another outstanding foretaste from Loom, which is out April 21st on the excellent Brooklyn based label Kanine Records. — Johan Baeten  

April 9th
7:02 PM

Brussels based four-piece BRNS create mystical, moody and adventurous indie pop and are generally compared to acts such as WU LYF. Last year, BRNS released their acclaimed debut LP Wounded, which brought them to various places in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Switzerland and so on. A couple of weeks ago, the quartet unveiled their new single "Void”, a definite post-rocker with a hefty tone in the first minutes, eventually unfolding into an infectiously captivating song. You can watch the intriguing visuals for the song above. — Johan Baeten

April 2nd
9:41 PM

Donovan Blanc: “Minha Menina”


Yesterday, latest Captured Tracks signee Donovan Blanc dropped their debut single “Minha Menina”, which is Portuguese for “my girl”. Donovan Blanc makes introvert music, characterized by a melancholic acoustic guitar on the one hand, and sun-drenched guitar pop melodies on the other hand. Add Donovan Blanc’s brilliantly warm and rich voice, and the result is the typical Captured Tracks sound in the form of (yet another) beautiful pop song. 

The duo’s self-titled debut LP is out on June 24th. Grab the first cut below. — Johan Baeten

6:59 PM

Just this Monday The Antlers dropped a music video for "Palace", the first single from their forthcoming record, Familiars.

"Palace" features just about everything you’d hope for in a new Antlers track, gorgeous arrangements that create a colorful and beautifully textured track, a sort of free flowing structure, as well as Peter Silberman’s beautiful vocals effortless floating over it all. This new single honestly sounds like it could fit right in between The Antlers’ last two releases, 2011’s Burst Apart and 2012’s Undersea. Needless to say, we’re very excited for this new record.

Familiars is out June 16th in the UK (via Transgressive) and June 17th in the US (via Anti-). Preorder the record here. — Rafael G.

4:43 PM

Bellows: “For Rock Dove”


Bellows started simply as the brainchild of Oliver Kalb and has since grown to incorporate the lovely Gabby Smith (eskimeaux), Felix Walworth (Told Slant), and Henry Crawford (Small Wonder) of The Epoch Is Now. Based out of New York state / Brooklyn, these artists are responsible for Bellows’ enriching pop/folk derivative sound, unique with a resounding sound and massive warmth encompassing truly refreshing lyrics. 

Listen below to the engaging new single from Bellows, “For Rock Dove,” released today on Impose. Bellows’ sophomore LP, Blue Breath, will be released on April 11th.  Though until that day comes, you can immerse yourself in the simple intricacies and beauty of life captured within their latest single. — Athylia Paremski

March 29th
2:28 PM

Mixtape: March 2014


photo taken by Sandra Croft  

You know the drill. Download the March mixtape below, or stream it via the Soundcloud set. Tracklist and Soundcloud set after the jump. — Johan Baeten

Analogue Spheres Mixtape: March 2014

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