June 12th
7:28 PM

Ƒåk£ ☀ ƒ®µ¡†§: “g☯ßl¡π§”

I recently stumbled upon Ƒåk£ ☀ ƒ®µ¡†§ while digging through soundcloud for some more downtempo material. After giving his tracks a listen I noticed he’d uploaded an album to his bandcamp account and instantly fell in love. While °☯☽†☾∆☽†☾☯° ranged from more beat driven tracks to drifting synth instrumentals, "g☯ßl¡π§" had to be one of my standout tracks for the balance it finds between the two.

Simple synth loops and echoed chords glide over the relaxed percussion track to create a truly delightful piece. All of these sounds seem to absorb each other and grow into one another giving the track a good amount of texture.

Stream this one below be sure to check out his bandcamp and soundcloud.